December 13, 2020

Jimmy’s Favorite/Aunt May’s Canadian Jig/Teviot Bridge
Tombigbee Waltz
Ballydesmond Polkas/Kerry Polka
Colorful Aristocracy/Hubbub
Trip to Durrow/Banshee/Barrowburn
St. Anne’s/Flowers of Edinburg/Red-haired Boy
Ecklunda Polska
Return to Fingal/Morrison’s Jib
Solstice Waltz (K. Hannan)
Lover’s Waltz
Goin’ to the Art Show
Summer Rain (K.Hannan)
Gigue du Suchre/Zelda
Fig for a Kiss/Butterfly/Snowy Path
High Clouds
Les violons du Cape Breton
Mr & Mrs Maclean

Welcome to the New Website!

Hello All!  I’ve finally gotten around to updating the BBF website.  One of the goals is to be more proactive in posting the Sunday night tune list, it has been way too long since we posted the lists.  Liz has been very good at writing down the tunes for most Sunday’s, we’ve got all the paper, now we just need to get it into the computer!

If you have anything you would like to add to the website (articles, comments, photos) send them along to

In the near future, I will also be converting the email list to a Google Group or MailChimp.  If you have opinions, let me have them.