April 10, 2022

Tommy Peoples’ Reel (Jenny Nettles Fancy)
Boys of Blue Hill /Harvest Home
The Wren
Meeting of the Waters / Pete’s March / Jamie Allen
Sourgrass and Granite
Ruisseau Fran├žais /Reel du Petit Gar├žon
King of the Fairies (Em)
My Cape Breton Home / Eklunda Polska
Judy and Jim’s Wedding
Hills of Bounty
Off She Goes / Gigue des Sucres / Zelda
La Valse du Saguenay
Aime Gagnon / Caribou Reel
Reel de Montebello
La Rapide a Joual Blanc
Blind Mary/Mairi’s Wedding
Midnight on the Water
Bethany’s Waltz
Da Slockit Light
The Volunteer /Jackie Coleman’s