April 16, 2023

Sleeping Giant Two Step/Silver & Gold Two Step
Meeting of the Waters/Pete’s March/Jamie Allen
Calum’s Road/Hut on Staffin Island
Road to Lisdoonvarna/Fair Jenny’s Jig/Moon and Seven Stars
Lighthouse Keeper’s Waltz
Haapavesi waltz
Josefin Dopval’s
Apples in Winter/Gillian’s Apples
Minuet in G (whistles)
Riverboat’s Gone
Shenandoah Falls
La Belle Riviera
Headlight Reel
Amelia’s Waltz
Le Tourment/Indian Point
The Abbess
Stone’s Rag
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine/Road to Boston/March of St. Timothy
Madame Maxwell
Eskimo Reel