August 1, 2021

Folklore en Tete
Tombigbee (Fredi and Jim first time ; all, second time; Peg and Kay third time; all last time)
Island of Woods
Golden Slippers/Red Wing
Haapavesi Waltz
Silver Spire
Flying Home to Shelley
Wedding Reel/ Torn Jacket/Toss the Feathers
Ballydesmond Polkas/Kerry Polka
Sourgrass and Granite (Mandolins, first time; all, second time; all on AA and B third time, with mandolins on last B)
Franco-American set
Blind Mary/Mairi’s Wedding (Liz and Rick on first A and then all)
Calliope House/Korolenko
Jimmy’s Favorite/Aunt May’s Canadian Jig/Teviot Bridge
Blue Dress Waltz
Staten Island
Swinging on a Gate/Father Kelly