February 11, 2024

Da Guizer’s March
Swinging on a Gate/Father Kelly’s
Spootiskerry/Willa Fjord
Le Ciel D’Automne
King of the Fairies
Wedding at Cleary Lake
Two Sisters
Arizona/Farewell Trion/Arizona
Shove that Pig’s Foot/Possum up a Gum Stump
Meeting of the Waters/Pete’s March/Jamie Allen
Josefin’s Dopvals
The White Petticoat
Sleeping Giant Two Step/Silver & Gold
The Salvation
Apples in Winter/Gillian’s Apples
Return from Helsinki/The Lounge Bar
Eskimo Reel (Reel des Esquimaux)
Clog de Pariseau
Return from Fingal/Morrison’s Jig