January 22, 2023

Jamie Allen
White Petticoat
Reel des Esquimaux
Shenandoah Falls
Tailor’s Twist
Sommarvalsen / Stam Willem
Winder Slide
Reel de Mattawa
Homage a Edmund Parizeau / St. Antoine’s
Wedding Reel / Toss the Feathers
Dennis Murphy’s / John Ryan
Sunday River Waltz
Autumn Leaves (with Freddie and a guitar) / Evit Gabriel
Lord Inchiquin
The Butterfly
The Snowy Path
The Rose by the Door
L’Air Mignonne
Suzanne Martin (sung by Jamie) / The Lonesome Jig
Hills of Tara / Bill Malley’s Barndance / Kilamona Barndance
Liberty / Dancing Bear
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine / Road to Boston / March of St. Timothy
Reel des Violons de Cap Breton
Woodchopper’s Reel