January 8, 2017

West Fork Gals
Fleur de Mandragore
Bus Stop Reel
Mr. & Mrs. MacLean
Wilson Langlois
Hommage a Edmund Parizeau/St Antoine
Medicine Bow
Out on the Ocean/Kesh Jig
18th of January
Morrison’s Jig
Jimmy’s Favorite/Aunt May’s Canadian Jig/Teviot Bridge
Duke of Kent’s Waltz
Behind the Haystack/Stool of Repentance/Haste to the Wedding
Waterman’s Hornpipe
Astonished Archaeologist
The Wren
Hommage a Roche Proulx
Bethany’s Waltz
Montague Processional
Reel 37
Hommage a Phillipe Bruneau