July 16, 2023

King of the Fairies (Em).pdf
Calliope House / Korolenko
Hills of Tara / Bill Malley’s Barndance / Kilmanona Barndance
Trestle Bridge  waltz
My Cape Breton Home / Ecklund Polka
The Wren
Possum up a Gum Stump
Golden Boy / Over the Waterfall / Crooked Stovepipe
Winder Slide
Apples in Winter / Gillian’s Apples
Blind Mary / Mari’s Wedding
Franco American Set
Madame Maxwell
Maison de Glace / Le Tourment
Cold Frosty Morning / Kitchen Girl
Fig for a Kiss / Butterfly / Snowy Path
Bethany’s Waltz
April Waltz
Reel de Chat Graffigne
Colored Aristocracy / Hubbub