June 25, 2017

Liberty/Green Mountain Petronella/Red-haired Boy
Oiseau Bleu/Reel du Semer (la Botte Savage)
Da Slockit Light/Calum’s Road/Scotland the Brave
Meeting of the Waters/Pete’s March/Jamie Allen
Old Man, Old Woman/Devil’s Churn
Tombigbee Waltz
Berceuse pour Hannah
The Wren
Andre Alain en sol/Evit Gabriel
Colored Aristocracy/Hubbub
Mr & Mrs MacLane
Hommage a Philippe Bruneau
Bouchard’s Hornpipe
Swallowtail Jig/Out on the Ocean
Ragtime Annie
Belle Aurore
The Banshee/Barrowburn
Turning by Threes
Reel a Deux Lisas