June 30, 2024

Snow on the Tracks
Meeting of the Waters/Pete’s March/Jamie Allen
Mouth of the Tobique/Fleur de Mandragore
Ballydesmond/Kerry Polkas
Reel de Mattawa
Return from Fingal/Morrison’s Jig
Belknap’s March
My Cape Breton Home/Eklunda Polska
Turning by Threes
Blind Mary/Mairi’s Wedding
Les Trois Cuistots (Three Cooks)
The Astonished Archaeologist
Aimee Gagnon/Caribou Reel
High Clouds waltz
Flying Home from Shelley
Reel Vingt-cinq
Tailor’s Twist/The Strand
Roddy McCorley
Deuxieme Partie du Quadrille de l’Ile d’Orleans
Chat Graffigne
La Promeneuse
Wedding on Clearly Lake
L’Air Mignonne
Hills of Tara/Bill Malley’s Barn dance/Kilmona Barn dance