May 14, 2023

Rose by the Door
Maison de Glace/Le Tourment
Flowers of Edinburgh/Red Haired Boy
June Apple
Return to Fingal/Morrison’s Jig
Colored Aristocracy/Hubbub
Whiskey before Breakfast/Soldier’s Joy/Flop Earred Mule
Amelia’s Waltz
Calum’s Road/Hut on Staffin Island
Eskimo Reel
Apples in Winter/Gillian’s Apples
Sleeping Giant Two Step/Silver and Gold
Da Slockit Light
Mrs. Saggs
The Abbess
Old French/Pays du Haut/Reel de Montreal
Walpole Cottage Reel
High Clouds
Jimmy’s Favorite/Aunt May’s Canadian Jig/Teviot Bridge
Fig for a Kiss/The Butterfly/Snowy Path