November 26, 2023

Green Apple Quick Step
Bethany’s Waltz
Apples in Winter/Gillian’s Apples
Waterman’s Hornpipe
Island of Woods
Winter Oranges
Aimee Gagnon/Caribou Reel
Mouth of the Tobique/Fleur de Mandragore
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine/Road to Boston/March of St. Timothy
Wild One/Julia Delaney
Shenandoah Falls
Eskimo Reel
Calliope House/Korolenko
The Abbess
Return from Helsinki/Lounge Bar
Le Reel du Joual Blanc
Woodchopper’s Reel
Rose by the Door
Bus Stop Reel
Chat Graffigne
Mason’s Apron
Pig Ankle Rag