October 22, 2023

Swinging on a Gate/Father Kelly’s
Edit Gabriel
La Belle Riviere
Winter Oranges/(La Fee des Dents (Tooth Ferry Jig)/Scoraiochtar (The Visitor)
Return from Helsinki/The Lounge Bar
Reel Montebello
Ciel d’Automne
My Cape Breton Home/Eklunda Polska
Canal in October
La Valse des Jouets
More Wood (song sung by Will, from Dillon Bustin)
Sommarvalsen/Stan Willum
Mouth of the Tobique/Fleur de Mandragore
Da Guiser’s March/Scollay’s Reel
The Friendly Visit
Tom Bigbee
Mrs. Saggs
Farrell O’Gara/Cooley’s Reel
Nobody’s Business
Bethany’s Waltz