October 24, 2021

My Cape Breton Home
Bell Table Waltz
Wedding at Cleary Lake
Le Ruisseau Francais
Les Trois Cuistots (The Three Chefs)
Hughie Shorty’s/ Brenda Stubbert’s
Canal in October
Upper Valley Waltz
Rose in the Heather/Star above the Garter/Rambling Pitchfork
Amelia’s Waltz
Flying Home to Shelley
My Darling Asleep/The Moon and Seven Stars
Utpick Waltz
Reel de Point-au-Pic
Farewell to Whiskey
Winder Slide
Petit Sarny/Marche a Thomas Pomerleau
Cinecitta waltz
Tombigbee waltz
Valse des Jeunes Filles
Reel Eugene/Hommage a Gilles Laprise
Two sisters waltz