September 17, 2023

Tommy Peoples/ Sonny Brogan
Amelia’s Waltz
Astonished Archeologist
Madam Maxwell
Southwind/Planxty Fanny Power
L’Oiseau Bleu/ Reel su Semeur
Blind Mary/ Maris Wedding
Hughie Shorty/Brenda Stubbert
Midnight on the Water
The Abbess
Sittin on Top of the World
Josefin’s Dopvals waltz
Back Where I come From by Bobby Fox
Evit Gabriel
Boys of Blue Hill/ Harvest Home
Le Rapide a Joual Blanc
Le Tourment/ Indian Point
Louis Cyr/ Brenda Stubbert
Callum’s Road/ Hut on Staffin Island
Virginia Reel
Jessica Griffin/ The Gale
Judy and Jim’s Wedding
Canal in October
April Waltz