August 13, 2023

Return to Fingal /Morrison’s
Sommarvalsen and Stam Willum
Crested hen
Southwind and Fanny Power
Our Fairy Queen
Joe Banes / Gypsy Princess
Rose by the Door
Two Sisters
The Salvation
Fig for a Kiss set
High Cloud
L’Ouiseau Blue and Reel du Semeur
Callums Road / Hut on Staffin Island
Jessica Griffin / The Gale
Julia Delaney
Galope de la Malbaie
Midnight on the Water
Lovers Waltz
Louis Cyr/ Turlutte a Antonio Bazinet
Three Cooks
Jefferson and Liberty
Shove that Pigs Foot/ Possum up a gumstump
Air Mignonne
Ashoken Farewell