August 20, 2023

Sommavalsen and Stam Willum
Young Man from Duna
Jefferson and Liberty
Island in the Wood
Midnight on the Water
The Abbess
Whiskey Before Breakfast, Soldiers Joy, Flop Eared Mule
Shove that Pigs Foot Further in the Fire, Possum up a Gumstump
Sour Grass and Granite
My Cape Breton Home, Eklunda
Tommy People’s, Sonny Brogan
sommavalsen , Stam Willum
Moon and Seven Stars, My Darling Asleep
St Anne’s Reel
Calliape House, Koralenko
Lighthouse Keepers Waltz
Spoodiskerry, Willjiord
The Virginia Reel
Utpic Waltz
The Cracked Pot
Eskimo Reel
Colemans March
Three Cooks
April Waltz