December 11, 2022

6/8 en re a Andre Alain
Green Mountain Petronella/Liberty
Morgan Magan
Round the Horn/Old Grey Cat
Calum’s Road/Hut on Staffin Island
Reel de Montebello
Duke of Kent’s Waltz
Kitchen Girl/Cold Frosty Morning
The Astonished Archaeologist
Staten Island Hornpipe
Jessica Griffin’s #2/The Gale
Canal in October
Eskimo Reel
Da Guiser’s March/Scollay’s Reel
L’Ange aux Patins (Angel on Ice)/La Moquine
Shove That Pig’s Foot in the Fire/Possum up a Gum Stump
Mason’s Apron
Riverboat’s Gone
Valse Clog Guilmette
1re Partie de Quadrille de Levi Beaulieu/Reel Domaine Joli