November 20, 2022

The Hut on Staffin Island
Island of Woods
Midnight on the Water
Out on the Ocean/Kesh Jig
Jone Bane’s/Gypsy Princess
Jimmy’s Favorite/Aunt May’s Canadian Jig/Teviot Bridge
Westphalia Waltz
I’m Not Fed up with the Pacific Ocean
Pig Ankle Rag
Fig for a Kiss/The Butterfly/Snowy Path
Maison de Glace/Korolenko
Wedding at at Cleary Lake
Jessica Griffin’s #2/The Gale
Saut du Lapin
Nail That Catfish to the Tree
Whiskey before Breakfast/Soldier’s Joy/Flop Eared Mule
Bethany’s Waltz
Les Marches de Thomas “Quatreux” Pomerleau: Une Marche en Sol de Thomas Pomerleau & Une Marche du Queteux Pomerleau d’apr├Ęs Henri Landry
Ashokan Farewell
Sunday River Waltz