June 11, 2017

Andre a Toto
Mr & Mrs MacLean
Harvest Home/Off to California
Swinging on a Gate/Father Kelly’s
Aime Gagnon/Caribou Reel
Liberty/Green Mountain Petronella
The Banshee/Barrowburn
Old French/St Antoine
My Capre Breton Home/Eklunda Polska
Hommage a Roche Proulx
Da Sloacki Light/Calum’s Road/Scotland the Brave
Franco-American #4/Gigue du Commerce/Franco-American #3
Calon Lan
Haste to the Wedding/Tobin’s Favorite
Heart of the Heartland
Swallowtail Jig/Out on the Ocean
Off She Goes
Ballydesmond Polkas/Kerry Polka
June Apple
St Anne’s/Flowers of Edinburgh/Red-haired Boy